Regulatory Reform & Paperwork Reduction

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Regulatory Reform & Paperwork Reduction

One of the major challenges confronting small business is the complex and overwhelming nature of federal regulations. It has been estimated that small businesses experience a nearly 50 percent greater burden than large business counterparts.

Unnecessary and excessive federal regulations and paperwork burdens create disadvantages for small businesses. Often, small business owners do not have large staffs; the accounting, marketing, advocacy, personnel administration and other management activities are often the responsibility of the business owner.

Small businesses often struggle to understand, implement, and maintain the overwhelming paperwork demands of the federal government. Enhancing and fully implementing new e-commerce methods for contractors to conduct business will likely help small businesses achieve paperwork reduction and conduct business in a more timely fashion. Furthermore, it is critical that policies and related materials are represented consistently at regional offices.

The National Association of Government Contractors supports paperwork reduction initiatives and regulatory reform efforts. NAGC encourages the federal government to streamline reporting requirements to help alleviate the undue burden on small businesses.

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