Becoming a Government Contractor

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Becoming a Government Contractor

Get started in government contracting with this plain-english guide to the government procurement process. The guide will familiarize you with language and processes used in government contracting as well as all the major components of winning a contract. It is a comprehensive overview of government contracting, the rules and procedures, the set-aside programs, the ethics and standard practices and more to get you started in government contracting, or as a refresher for those involved in the industry. Government contracting is a multi-billion dollar industry that can grow your business rapidly.

Get started today with the guide brought to you by NAGC Press, the publication arm of the National Association of Government Contractors.

Guide Index:
Section One: Government Contracting and Your Business
Introduction: What is Government Procurement
Chapter 1: Government Needs
Chapter 2: Entering the Procurement Process
Chapter 3: Is Government Contracting Right for My Business
Chapter 4: Small Businesses and Government Contracting
Chapter 5: Your Business Plan and Government Contracting
Chapter 6: Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Businesses
Chapter 7: Government and Public Programs

Section Two: The Government Marketplace
Chapter 8: Differences in Government and Private Markets
Chapter 9: Government Procurement and E-Commerce
Chapter 10: The Players and Rules of the Game
Chapter 11: How the Government Acquires Its Needs
Chapter 12: Government Solicitations

Section Three: Bids And The Contract Proposal
Chapter 13: The Responsive Bid and the Bid Document
Chapter 14: Your Price and Factors Affecting It
Chapter 15: To Bid or Not to Bid
Chapter 16: Proposal Writing
Chapter 17: Bid Evaluation and Selection Process

Section Four: Best Practices for Government Contractors
Chapter 18: Your Responsibilities When Working With Governments
Chapter 19: Information That Can Affect You
Chapter 20: Preparing for the Pre-Award Survey

Appendix Forms (PDF)


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Training Guides
Our Insider's Guide Series was developed as an easy-to-understand series of guides to assist you through the government procurement process.

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