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Exporting & Foreign Trade

As our global economy becomes increasingly connected, all businesses large and small, including government contractors, are likely to engage in international trade in some way on a fairly regular basis. International trade is heavily regulated area; U.S. laws oversee importing/exporting and protect other national interests. For many contractors, international trade rules can present an area of heightened obligation to adhere to these rules set out by their business partner, the U.S. government.

This guide seeks to give you the basics of U.S. international trade regulations, including importing and exporting rules. This guide will serve as a reference for classifying products, applying for required licenses and designing an import/export compliance program. In addition this guide provides you with references to resources for developing and financing your company's exporting program.

Get started today with the guide brought to you by NAGC Press, the publication arm of the National Association of Government Contractors.

Guide Index:
Chapter 1: The Origins of International Trade Rules
Chapter 2: Overview of U.S. Export Controls
Chapter 3: Overview of U.S. "Country Of Origin" Rules
Chapter 4: Product Coding and Classification
Chapter 5: Obtaining Export Licenses
Chapter 6: International Transactions in Practice
Chapter 7: Other Important Considerations
Appendix A: Further References
Appendix B: Checklists
Appendix C: Examples


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